2 Apr 2014

Bath Remodeling with Custom Cut Stone and Marble

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 2 April 2014

Bathtub in Crema Marfil and Rosso Alicante

Kreoo Rose

The bathroom is an opportunity in every home to either raise or lower the overall style. It should be a getaway, an escape from the everyday. It should be filled with light and elegance.

Remodeling an outdated bathroom with custom marble can bring elements of peace and tranquility into any setting. Not limited to floor or shower tiles, natural stone’s potential in bathroom design is endless!

Luxury Marble Sinks

Sinks should be more than just a tool – they should be a focal point in any bathroom design. Marble’s natural veining means each stone sink is one of a kind. Combining the natural material with clean precise designs can add whimsy and elegance to the room. From pedestal sinks to freeform designs inspired by the world around us, luxury marble sinks bring modern beauty to a practical fixture.

Marble Vanities and Counters

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Kreoo Easel Stick

For true modern design, you’ll want to remodel your bathroom using a separate sink and counter or vanity. This allows you to create a dramatic contrasting look, and imbue your bath with the exact look and feel you want. Many professional designers combine natural wood with handcrafted marble sinks. Again, combining nature’s beauty with classic design, many of these fixtures draw inspiration from seashells, flowing water, and other natural elements.

Shelving and Storage

Minimalism in the bathroom is thriving.  Going beyond sinks and countertops, this also applies to shelving and storage possibilities.  Luxury stone and wood shelving exudes elegance without taking up any unnecessary space.

Showers and Tubs

The most obvious fixture in the bathroom will be the shower or tub. Rather than concealing it behind a glass wall or curtain, flaunt it with marble cladding!  Natural marble can be used on the walls around the tub or shower, as well as in the actual unit.

Bespoke Bathroom Fixtures

Kreoo Vis à Vis

Kreoo Vis a Vis

While a shower may be a more obvious requirement, custom seating is a key to elite bathroom design.  Bathroom seating might sound superfluous to some, but it provides comfort and convenience, whether seated in front of a marble vanity or relaxing through an invigorating massage.

Kreoo takes great pride in offering luxury marble bath fixtures for discerning homeowners interested in the highest quality custom design.