15 Aug 2017

International NEOLITH Design Competition 2017

International NEOLITH Design Competition 2017

Would you like to win a trip to Italy? and attend the Milan Design Week? Participate in the NEOLITH® Design Competitions, and do not miss the opportunity to showcase your project with the most innovative architectural surface.

Neolith presents its 4th Edition of the Neolith Design Competition, targeting architects, interior designers, builders, fabricators and students of these disciplines:



Neolith Hospitality
“My Neolith Project” competition aimed at professionals from the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Construction who have recently developed a major Hospitality project done with NEOLITH®, where the material is integrated into different applications hotels, tourist apartments, night clubs, pubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, leisure centers or travel.

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Hotel with a Neolith charm and soul
“Neolith New Talents”, targeting Architecture and Interior Design students proposing that they let their imagination run wild to create a Neolith Hotel, designing the different spaces that make it up. Students must design its exterior and interior aspects designing the facade reception and a complete en suite bathroom (two different applications in each room) to show the versatility of Neolith both in interior and exterior spaces.
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Neolith wishes to continue getting to know and recognizing the most detailed and difficult projects that the workshop professional marble worker, carries out. These works of art of immense technical complexity require the know-how, genius and skill of great professionals to produce them. To apply requires projects that are technically complicated to carry out and that have been crafted with Neolith material between 2014-2017 to be presented.
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