20 Jan 2020

How to care for natural stone floors

A luxurious living room showing how to care for natural stone floors.

Article by: Sophia Perry, Arizona Moving Professionals

If you are looking for a floor that looks good, provides safety and comfort, and is made to last, natural stone tiles are the way to go. If you decide to invest money in purchasing this top-of-the-class product, it is crucial to learn how to care for natural stone floors. A proper approach will even extend its longevity.

Know what you are buying

It is a fact that stone tiles can increase your home‘s value. With that said, you don’t want to buy any natural stone tiles you find. There is an array of options in front of you.

Siliceous stone is made out of silica or quartz. It is effortless to clean with acidic solutions and is very durable.

On the other hand, the calcareous stone is made out of calcium carbonate and is very sensitive to acidic cleaning solvents.

When it comes to different materials, you can pick between:

  • marble
  • granite
  • limestone

There are other options as well, but these three are the most common. If in doubt, it is best to consult with a professional who can help you decide.

Assess the condition of your floor

To properly care for natural stone floors, you need to assess the current condition. There are a lot of questions that require an answer. First of all, check if the tiles are evenly placed. You should also check if some of them are cracked. This may seem like an unnoticeable issue, but the crack will only spread if you don’t solve the problem.

Furthermore, clean the tiles properly, and check if the sealer has worn off. Finally, check if there is any wax, acrylic, or other coatings, and find out who did the job.

Once you know all this information, you should be able to assess the current condition.

Prevent floor from being slippery

As much as the marble floor looks fantastic, people can still fall if it’s too slippery. Place carpets to stop people from hurting themselves if they fall. If you cleaned and polished your floor, make sure you have a sign to notify people so they don’t slip.

Do the cleaning the right way

You wouldn’t think so, but you can clean the natural stone floor in the wrong way. Some of the biggest don’ts are:

  • using acid-based cleaners on marble, limestone, or onyx floors;
  • using abrasive dry or soft cleaners;
  • bathroom cleaners;
  • mixing chemicals to create your cleaning solvent;

Instead, you should focus on mopping the floor frequently and immediately cleaning any spills. Clean water is more than enough to clean the floor thoroughly. Furthermore, protect the floor by adding non-slippery materials or carpets. This will increase its longevity.

When removing stains, you first need to remove any debris and then clean the spot with warm water and soap. Wiping the spill or stain will only make it worse. Once done, dry the floor with a rag.

The preparation process for cleaning a stone floor

If you are doing a remodel or a major spring cleaning, your natural stone floor deserves the best treatment. Having all the belongings sorted out and ready to be moved to storage is a good idea to gain extra space and not risk any damage to your stuff while cleaning the floor. Furthermore, you will get all the extra space if you need to clean small rooms.

Moisture can be the end of your floor

We all know how negatively moisture can affect the structure of your walls. However, your natural stone tiles might also be in danger. That’s another reason why you should clean all spills immediately.

Be careful when placing heavy furniture

The best way to care for natural stone floors is to be gentle when placing heavy furniture. You may accidentally scratch the tile or even damage the furniture in the process. That’s why it is best to leave this step to the professionals.

If you are moving to a new home, let number1movers.ca handle all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about your floor. They understand the value of a natural stone floor, and they can take care of the unpacking process and carrying furniture with ease.

How to clean the crevices between the tiles

The best way to make your natural stone floor shine is to clean all the intersections of the tiles carefully. A good vacuum cleaner should do the job just fine. Furthermore, you can also use a lightly damp mop. That’s where most of the dust collects over time. In the end, give it a good scrub with a cloth.

Removing sand, pebbles, and rugged specs of dirt

The floor made of natural stone will elevate your living area. However, if you live in the countryside, it is common to walk inside with a lot of dirt on your shoes. If there is a pebble caught in your shoe soles, it might scratch the floor. The same can happen if you are remodeling the place and have workers going in and out of the house all day long.

Remember to protect the parts where there is no carpet by placing rags or towels. If you need to clean the floor and remove dust or pebbles, do it by lightly brushing the floor with a duster. Any hard moves might easily destroy the surface. With that in mind, be very careful. Don’t rush the process.

Care for natural stone floors in just a few simple steps

Let’s do a quick summary of all the steps necessary to care for natural stone floors the right way:

  • know what type of stone tiles you have and what the best cleaning method is
  • carefully assess the condition of the floor tiles
  • put carpets to prevent the floor from being slippery
  • do not allow moisture to get in touch with the floor
  • be careful when moving furniture or doing any remodeling

Your natural stone floor will last for many years to come by following all of these steps.