27 Sep 2016

Happy Birthday Pavè Stone!

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Author:  Kelsey Kamentz —Kreoo
Date: 27 September 2016

Kreoo_Pavè Drink+Pavè Stone_sopra

Kreoo Pave Stone

Time flies when you’re designing having fun! We should know. As hard as it is to believe, it’s already been six years since we built the first prototype of the Pavè Stone design.

The Pavè line has quickly become one of our most popular designs both for home owners and prestigious show houses.

Peaceful art garden featuring natural marble seats by Kreoo

The concept for Pavè Stone began with the idea of exploring the expressive potential of marble. Our design team decided to approach this goal through nuanced shaping, as well as by combining marble with other natural elements such as wood and cork.

Pavè marble furniture at Modernism Week - The Kennedy Compound

The moment of inspiration came during a day in the Treviso mountains. The image of stones in a river, carved and polished by flowing water started our imaginations running. We wanted to evoke the delicate shapes, elegance and harmony of nature.

Kreoo_Pavè Stone_outdoor_2

Back at the Kreoo factory, our team held design sessions where that inspiration began to take shape. We played on the form of the stones, the contrast and collaboration of the earthy density of marble and the formal lightness of wood and cork. Our goal was to balance all these elements, enhancing each material in one overlapping design.

After many scrapped ideas, revisions and improvements, we turned our sketches into the very first Pavè Stone.

Untitled design (3)

Here you can see a Pavè Stone in White Estremoz with a white brushed larch seat. Thanks to Kreoo’s precise engineering, and thoroughly researched treatments, Pavè Stone’s natural wood and marble holds up to common weather conditions.

Also after six years, Pavè retains its structural integrity, even with its natural fissures. The design ages beautifully with the authenticity of a weathered piece with its aged aesthetic.


As the original Pavè design grew more and more popular, we were still fascinated by the inspiration of river washed pebbles. Our design team kept playing, working with variations and contrasting shapes. Today, the Pavè Collection features five modular designs in complementary sizes and formats.

In addition to the original Pavè seats, it features Pavè Log, Pavè Drink and Pavè River and Stream. The Pavè Collection combines eight different types of marble with four colors of wood and cork with options for different exterior treatments.

Kreoo_Pavè Drink+Pavè Stone

Designers use individual pieces as well as visually dynamic groups of different Pavè pieces to create atmospheres that instills the peace and tranquility of nature. Which makes sense… After all, this whole concept started with one excursion through the mountains.

So Happy Birthday Pavè Stone! Here’s to design that keeps on inspiring and to the beauty of nature that’s the catalyst for all of our work.