9 Nov 2022

Friulmosaic: Bespoke mosaic art

The company, located in San Martino al Tagliamento, was founded officially in 1987 on the passion of its creator Mr. William Bertoia mosaic Maestro who, along with two young associates, decided to start the company. One of the first associates is

Ms. Natalina Querin who has been coordinating the artistic workshop. Mr. Bertoia’s passion has been passed on to his daughters, Barbara and Tiziana, who along with one of the firm’s first associates, Ms. Natalina Querin, are presently running the business.

Nowadays, the facility of Friul Mosaic, which was expanded in 2005, exceeds 1,500 square meters plus an outdoor storage of 2,000 square meters. The company counts 30 employees. All of them are highly qualified craftspersons graduated from the prestigious and historic Mosaic Craft School of Friuli in Spilimbergo. Entirely handmade by Friul Mosaic’s staff, the mosaics express the rigor and the tailored care dedicated to every step of the process.

Friulmosaic – a line that brings 30 years of experience in creativity to the architectural and design industry with a product made entirely by hand in his own atelier tailored-made with rigor and precision. The culture is handed down, the knowledge evolves, Friulmosaic imagines, designs and realizes mosaics that are creative interpretations of works of art, design objects and custom realizations. True works of art are not weighed by size, but of the aspect of sophistication and transformation that are reflected upon the space it surrounds. Friulmosaic’s impact, although derived from small pieces of stone, leaves an impression large enough to last a lifetime.