These semi-transparent or opaque molten glass mosaic tesserae present an iridescent effect. The production process is the same as for Vitreo or Brillante mosaic, although the iridescent effect is obtained through the addition of semi-precious metals when the glass is still in a semi-liquid state. Made using up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass.

Material Type







3/4″ x 3/4″


  • Iridescence is obtained by working with molten glass, so there will never be problems of peeling; this can be the case where the effect is achieved by films bonded to the exposed surface.
  • The type of treatment applied to Shining gives the product a special metallic effect, with distinctive tone-on tone colouring. The iridescent effect is not affected by water, so the tesserae can be used in solid colour mosaics or mixed blends, in swimming pools or other wet areas.


  • Shining mosaics can be laid on the floor or vertically on interior and exterior surfaces. Tiles can be used in contact with water, for applications such as shower trays or swimming pools. Due to the size of the tesserae (2 x 2 cm) and the frequency of joints (1 mm), the mosaic surface is inherently slip-resistant.
  • The waterproof characteristics of this mosaic does not preclude waterproofing of the foundation substrate for swimming pools and similar applications.


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