Trend Origina™ is a series of terrazzo-like engineered stone tiles and slabs that includes numerous colors with recycled glass content.

The material is composed of approximately 93% “grit”, or chips, and 7% pigmented polyester resin. The grit, which is comprised of either quartz, porcelain, granite, glass, or mosaic, is crushed into nine different granule sizes. These granules are mixed with the pigmented polyester resin and spread onto a large sheet mold where the slab takes its shape.

After finishing the surface to a high polish, the slab is fitted with a mesh backing and is either left intact or cut into standard or custom tiles.




12″ x 12″ 12″ x 24″ 24″ x 24″ 39″ x 5″ x ¾
48″ x 24″ 48″ x 48″ 118″ x 24″ Custom Size


  • Very Large Format = Fewer Grout Lines
  • Custom Water Jet Cuts = Sweeping Curves
  • Suitable for Heavy Commercial Traffic Flooring
  • Extremely Durable. Stain & Scratch Resistant.
  • Lightweight. 1/4″ Thickness
  • Low Everyday Maintenance and Maintenance Costs
  • Custom Colors Available (Minimum 4,000 square feet)
  • Non-Porous. Does Not Require Sealing.


Trend Origina™ is suitable for high traffic areas and provides a flexible tile with low maintenance, high scratch resistance and high thermal shock resistance. Tiles are suitable for interior and exterior walls and floors, including heavy-traffic commercial flooring applications.


Please note this is a special order product. More information is available upon request.