Trend Wallpaper Line is designed to bring color and texture to the walls, with a precious decorative touch. These mosaic patterns are inspired by the modular design of wallpaper, with the familiar repeat pattern structure made up from Trend Vitreo, Brillante, Shining, Feel and Aureo Lines. Each theme has 16 different designs, available in three different colors, including a monochrome version. Personalized wallpaper are available upon request. There is also a green version made with Feel recycled post-consumer glass mosaic.




3/8″ x 3/8″


Wallpaper mosaic can be laid on floors or vertically on interior and exterior surfaces. It is also suitable for water applications, such as shower trays or swimming pools. The size of the tesserae and the frequency of the joint (1 mm) mean the surface has inherent slip resistance. Although the mosaic is waterproof, this does not preclude waterproofing the foundation substrate in swimming pools and similar applications.

Colour Combination

This Trend Wallpaper design is made up of the following Trend Glass combination:

Damask A

024 760

Damask B

151 161

Damask C

279 280