This glass mosaic collection is designed specifically for swimming pools and water features, in colors and patterns chosen to reflect the brightness of the sky and water. There is a choice of classic colorings, for blending elegantly and discreetly into the landscape, and more playful and scenic designs. There are also complementary borders and studio-designed decorations to allow further customization. Trend Aquatic mixes and shading blends are made in square format tiles from the Vitreo, Brillante and Shining collections.




1 x 1 cm


Background: Trend Vitreo 160

Decoration: Trend Vitreo 123 & Trend Vitreo 131

Modular Dimensions

Modular Length: 11″ (28.1 cm)

Modular Height: 5″ (12.7 cm)


  • Hand cut mosaics.
  • Borders are pre-mounted on a fiberglass sheet following the module of each individual border.
  • Flexible support for faster & easier installation.
  • Standard grout colour is white
  • Borders can be shipped un-grouted if you wish to apply your own grout.