COSMOLITE® is designed to provide the design world a truly environmentally friendly material option in terms of both aesthetics and composition. Made from inert materials other than quartz that are 100% derived from pre-consumer recycled waste, COSMOLITE® is wonderfully simple to process and handle – exactly what surface installers need and request. This fascinating material is designed for use as surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and in larger spaces where technical performance is a must.

With its characteristic “speckled” texture, Cosmo brings the interiors in which it is used into a galactic dimension, evoking the planets and the Milky Way. A universe of new materials, dedicated to the people who are looking to the future.


Cosmolite: Composed of recycled granite and mineral grits.


121″ x 57″ x 2cm


Grain Gloss Rocplan


  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bespoke production


  • Durable
  • Easy to cut
  • More flexible than porcelain
  • Sustainable (40% less carbon footprint, Eco-Resin binder made from vegetable sources)
  • Natural stone design
  • Full-body
  • No water absorption
  • No yellowing