The Splash collection is designed with a focus on outdoor water features but can be used wherever eye-catching color and finish is desired. It is a vibrant collection of distinctive blends in the classic 1″ x 1″ glass mosaic shape that draw attention to and enhance the beauty of pools, fountains and spas. We have added smalto color options that emphasize uniqueness of design within each tile so that each installation stands out.


Green Blue


1″ x 1″

Colour Combination

Amosaic Malibu Blend consists of the following colours:

(33%)  169 Apatite (01 Clear Finish)

(33%)  169 Apatite (21 Sand Finish)

(33%)  692 Seaweed (03 Arcadia Finish)


Other Amosaic colors or finishes are available to special order in all sizes and patterns, 500sf minimum order on those shapes or sizes ordered.