Why choose Terrazzo? Choosing this material compared to natural marbles and granites has advantages including:

  • Greater chance of retrieval of the stone also from fractured rocks or with insufficient mechanical features for working in blocks and slabs.
  • Better mechanical properties can be determined with greater confidence.
  • More uniform in color and texture.
  • Possibility of new design solutions, obtained by mixing different materials.


Slab Sizes (Available to order)

Resin: 120″ x 49″
Cementitious: 100″ x 56″

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm, 4cm

Tile Sizes (Available to order)

16″ x 16″ 12″ x 12″ 12″ x 20″
12″ x 24″ 20″ x 20″ 24″ x 24″

Thickness: 1.2 cm, 2cm

8″ x 8″ 8″ x 16″ 12″ x 12″
16″ x 16″ 32″ x  16″ 48″ x 24″
24″ x 12″ 24″ x 16″ 24″ x 24″
48″ x 48″

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm


  • Resin – a precast material composed of marble chipping bonded together with special resins and pigments. Produced with ultimate vacuum-technology plants, it is cut in slabs which are suddenly used to realize tiles, stairs, sills and wall-claddings for interior use.
  • Cementitious – a precast material composed of marble chipping bonded together with white cement and pigments.


  • Due to natural variants of materials used in manufactured terrazzo, production may differ slightly from samples shown online.
  • Each terrazzo may present differently depending on your monitor (laptop, desktop, phone etc.)