Neolith Custom Colours are only available for large orders starting from 2,000 sqm (21,500 sqft) for 6 mm and 2,500 sqm (27,000 sqft) for 3 mm thickness.

Similar to the original Neolith Onyx, Neolith Onyx Translucent is inspired by the semi-precious White Onyx stone, is known for the subtleness of the greyish and pinkish white shades distributed evenly throughout the boards.

Neolith Onyx, which is produced with clear raw materials, is the result of more than a year of R+D which led to the possibility of creating a product with the same backlighting that is found in natural onyx. This very uncommon feature in the sintered surface sector gives architects and designers the opportunity to create spaces with their own personality where Neolith Onyx Translucent becomes the irrefutable star of the room.









127″ x 60″

About Neolith

NEOLITH is a breakthrough, high-tech, ultra-compact slab that offers the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty. This material is a 100% natural and recyclable product, combining the best raw materials with the most advanced manufacturing technology in respect to the environment. It is scratch and stain proof, heat and fire resistant and can withstand extreme climate conditions, and is the largest existing sintered stone surface on the market.