Neolith Bombón is known for its light brown tone. It’s a warm color that brings distinction as it comes in the Nanotech shiny finish. This nature-evoking color is very versatile since it can be perfectly combined with neutral colors to create relaxed atmospheres or with brighter tones to liven up an area.





6mm 12mm


Nanotech Polished

NanoTech Polished is the successor of the original Décor Polished – NanoTech Polished, however, manages to achieve the same glossy finish achieved in Décor Polished, without the need for the additional glass layer. Instead of applying the cover, the slab is directly polished once it comes out of the kiln and by using a special raw material during the sinterization process and a studied polishing technique, a perfectly flat reflection is achieved. This type of finish outstands for its flexural strength, its higher resistance to abrasion in comparion to the previous one and it is ideal for fullbody designed slabs. Thanks to the unique raw materials involved in the process Neolith Nanotech Polished provides the whitest white and darkest black options available in the market of sintered surfaces.

About Neolith

NEOLITH is a breakthrough, high-tech, ultra-compact slab that offers the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty. This material is a 100% natural and recyclable product, combining the best raw materials with the most advanced manufacturing technology in respect to the environment. It is scratch and stain proof, heat and fire resistant and can withstand extreme climate conditions, and is the largest existing sintered stone surface on the market.