The Moda Terrazzo Line reinvents the traditional art of Venetian terrazzo by combining timeless style with new cutting-edge technology. Customizable features allow for infinite aesthetic variations and versatility, offered in large-sized sheets combining high-end craftsmanship and quick and easy installation.

Moda Palladiana Libera Terrazzo is inspired by shape, the processing stages are particularly complex. The marble inserts, cut by hand following a casual design, all have a size of around 6-8 cm. The distance between larger tiles is even and around 10 cm. The marble tiles are divided by a white base, altered by the addition of small and large grains of the same marble, used for the inserts. This solution features an even layout of marble pieces and smaller aggregates.





Polished Brushed Fine/Matt Sanded

Chip Size

6 – 8 cm

Format Sizes

58 x 62 x 3cm 87 x 62 x 3cm 34 x 122 x 3cm
60 x 60 x 2cm 180 x 130 x 3cm

Available on Request:

230 x 130 x 3cm 260 x 160 x 3cm

Technical Information

  • Customizable: Different materials, colours and decorations mean it is possible to create infinite aesthetic variations.
  • Versatile: It is possible to choose the dimensions and the type of installation.
  • Intelligent: Easy installation can be optimized to cut times and costs. Puzzle-cut of slabs allows for seamless installation to create a monolithic effect.
  • Sustainable: Renewable materials reduce waste and make every creation safe and eco-friendly.