MODA Clap features marble inserts that are either cut by hand or with waterjet. Chip size ranges from 4 – 20cm.

MODA Clap 6 is defined by very far apart rounded chips surrounded by grout or miniscule stone chips.

MODA Terrazzo reinvents the traditional art of Venetian terrazzo by combining timeless style with new cutting-edge technology. Customizable features allow for infinite aesthetic variations and versatility, offered in large-sized sheets combining high-end craftsmanship and quick and easy installation. Contact us to create your custom design today.





Polished Brushed Fine/Matt Sanded

Stone Chip Size Range

4 – 20cm

Format Sizes

58 x 62 x 3cm 87 x 62 x 3cm 34 x 122 x 3cm
60 x 60 x 2cm 180 x 130 x 3cm

Available upon Request:

230 x 130 x 3cm 260 x 160 x 3cm

Technical Information

  • Customizable: Different materials, colours and decorations mean it is possible to create infinite aesthetic variations.
  • Versatile: It is possible to choose the dimensions and the type of installation.
  • Intelligent: Easy installation can be optimized to cut times and costs. Puzzle-cut of slabs allows for seamless installation to create a monolithic effect.
  • Sustainable: Renewable materials reduce waste and make every creation safe and eco-friendly.