INAX Granas Line is part of the Ecocarat Collection: a sustainable design initiative designed to offer an innovative alternative wall finish to wallpaper and paint. This porous ceramic helps maintain comfortable humidity levels and reduce unpleasant odors and harmful substances in the air. It also is a Red Dot Award winner (Best of Best in 2018) for its unique design varieties. This patented technology was developed for 20 years in Japan, and now more than 20% of the new houses in Japan use Ecocarat for a better indoor air environment.



Porous ceramics / Glazed


Field Tile

  • Size/piece: 150.5 x 24.25mm
  • Size/sheet: 302 x 302mm
  • Thickness: 8.5mm

Corner Tile

  • Size/piece: (35.9+73.75) x 24.25mm
  • Size/sheet:(35.9+73.75) x 302mm
  • Thickness: 8.5mm


  • 1mm
  • Open joint



  • (★) Indication that item is available for quick ship.
  • Has color variation.
  • Apply with 1mm joint width.