Sintered Stone is a breakthrough, high-tech, ultra-compact surface that offers the ultimate combination of functionality and beauty. This material is a 100% natural and recyclable product, combining the best raw materials with the most advanced manufacturing technology in respect to the environment. It is scratch and stain proof, heat and fire resistant and can withstand extreme climate conditions, and is the largest existing sintered stone surface on the market.


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Sintered Stone


  • 126″ x 59″ x 6mm (Natural Honed Finish)
  • 127″ x 60″ x 6mm (Natural Honed Finish)
  • 126″ x 63″ x 20mm (Silk Finish)
  • 118″ x 63″ x 12mm (Polished Finish)
  • 119″ x 59″ x 6mm (Polished Finish)


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