Amosaic 225 Zircon is available in the Huron Collection & Splash Collection.

Huron Colors are available in 1” x 1” stacked bond, 1” x 2” stacked bond and running bond, morse and herringbone patterns. All are available in Clear, Iridescent and Aventurina finishes.

Splash colors are available in a 1” x 1” stacked bond pattern.



Splash Sizes

1″ x 1″

Huron Sizes

1″ x 1″ 1″ x 2″


Amosaic Huron Finishes

01 Clear 02 Iridescent 05 Aventurina

Amosaic Splash Finishes

02 Iridescent

Added features

Other Amosaic colors or finishes are available to special order in all sizes and patterns, 500sf minimum order on those shapes or sizes ordered.