Amosaic 169 Apatite is available in the Huron collection & Splash collection.

Huron Colors are available in 1” x 1” stacked bond, 1” x 2” stacked bond and running bond, morse and herringbone patterns. All are available in Clear, Iridescent and Aventurina finishes.

Splash colors are available in a 1” x 1” stacked bond pattern.




Amosaic Huron Finishes

01 Clear 08 Beach 02 Iridescent 05 Aventurina

Amosaic Splash Finishes

01 Clear 21 Sand 02 Iridescent 22 Sand Iridescent

Splash Sizes

1″ x 1″

Huron Sizes

1″ x 1″ 1″ x 2″


Other Amosaic colors or finishes are available to special order in all sizes and patterns, 500sf minimum order on those shapes or sizes ordered.