25 Jun 2012

Dry-Treat™ Presentation

Surfaces treated with Dry-Treat’s special impregnators retain their breathability. Dry-Treat’s special liquid-repelling sealing molecules are hundreds of times smaller than the molecules in common impregnating / penetrating sealers. Most impregnators are breathable to some extent, but The exceptionally small size of Dry-Treat’s unique sealing molecules means that the breathability is hardly changed.

Why is this important? The more open the pores are, the more easily moisture can escape from the material by evaporation. For example, a paver on a patio can have water wicking up from underneath, and if left, this water can cause serious mold and mildew growth and may physically damage the material over time. The more breathable the sealer is, the more quickly the moisture can evaporate out and the less chance there is of damage.