7 Jul 2017

Dry Treat Case Study – Sydney Opera House

Marble Trend is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Dry-Treat Deep Impregnating Sealers, the leading line of sealers and cleaning agents across the globe.

Sydney Opera House
Surface Type: Engineered Concrete
Product Used: Dry-Treat 100N™ (Now S-TECH 100N™)


One of the most iconic landmarks in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. Completed in 1973, the Opera House is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour. With the aggressive marine environment, the concrete structure the Opera House needed protective measures. A major upgrade and maintenance program was carried out in 1991.



The requirements for the project were:

  • Sealer used had to provide long lasting protection against efflorescence and salt spalling.
  • Sealer had to protect against steel reinforcement corrosion.
  • Sealer could not damage the surrounding glass.
  • Surface had to retain original look.


The Dry-Treat Solution
DRY-TREAT 100N™ was chosen for the project. The deep penetrating sealer creates a water-repelling barrier which has helped to protect the exposed pre-cast concrete from damaged caused by water penetration. A significant reduction in water entering the concrete will help to protect against spalling, and subsequent corrosion of the steel reinforcement. After the two coats of DRY-TREAT 100N™ were applied, any over-spray was easily washed off and did not affect the massive glass viewing windows.

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Introducing S-TECH
Dry-Treat’s new line of impregnators for masonry and engineered concrete
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Interactive Masonry Catalogue
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