28 Sep 2015

Custom Marble Fireplaces and Why Your Home Needs One!

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Author: Kelsey Kamentz —Kreoo
Date: 28 September 2015

Fall is coming, and with it the inexplicable desire for good books, anything pumpkin spice, and the indescribable comfort of a warm fire. But whether your local temperature drops below 40 or keeps to a balmy 89, the desire for a getaway, a cozy escape is universal.

Fireplaces are a common element of every luxury home no matter the size or style.  For decades they have littered the “must-have” lists of every prospective home owner and every designer upgrade.  Little wonder, as every style of home has found a way to make the fireplace all their own.

custom marble fireplaces

Now more than ever before, fireplaces of all shapes and sizes are in demand for every space in the house; bathrooms, kitchens, the great outdoors, all begging to be fitted with the classic fireplace. But as every designer knows, sometimes these breathtaking pieces cause more than a little hassle…

Your client wants a crowning jewel for their dream room but something puts a complication on this simple request. Perhaps the providers you normally work with don’t have the right color stone, or none of the standard designs quite “work”, or maybe you’re dealing with a room laid out like the inside of a kaleidoscope and no normal fireplace will come close to fitting where you need it to fit!

The obvious answer? Custom marble design. And the one thing a successful custom project hinges on is choosing the right manufacturer.

At Kreoo, we use decades of curated knowledge to select the best methods and techniques to create your perfect work of practical art on even the tightest deadlines. Our lead time for a custom, carved marble fireplace is a mere 3-4 weeks!

Though many are surprised at an international firm’s ability to produce so quickly, we credit our global reach and time-tested methods with allowing us to beat the quotes of even local companies. Architects and Interior Designers from across the US have used Kreoo’s expert designers for multiple custom pieces on last minute time schedules.

Margarita Beal of IKBA says,

I have sincerely enjoyed working with Alessia and Anthony. It has been a seamless experience from the beginning to the end and it was amazing to see how a drawing came to life. Everything was handled with such care and it was obvious that these are the people that love what they do, which I believe is always evident in the product.

Custom marble fireplace by Kreoo and DecormarmiAs for design ability, the sky’s the limit!  The designers at Kreoo can add carved texture and even create multi-color/multi-stone, 3D inlays.  Any size any style, any dream.  Our sculptors utilize the highest levels of technology and artistic expertise to manifest each piece. Take for instance our “Zebra Fireplace” for example.  A custom work for a private client in Lebanon, this eye-popping design is a piece of 3D inlay work.  You heard it right a 3D INLAY!

Using methods from our countless floor installations and our new Graffiti line, we’ve combined Nero Marquina with Bianco Sivec marble to produce a seamless effect.

Perhaps this one’s a little outlandish for your tastes.  Have no fear.  The artistic minds behind the sleek transitional designs at Kreoo are also experts at the classic and traditional.

Traditional Marble Fireplace by Kreoo

London (2)

Craftsman Style

Or the subdued craftsman style:

Or any style really.

No matter what your taste, Kreoo can handle all your custom needs from sketching to production, shipping to installation.   We’ll create the perfect fireplace to turn any room in your home into a cozy fall getaway.