12 Mar 2019

Balux Outdoor Technical Features

Balux Outdoor Concrete – Strasbourg Concrete Stone

  • Natural stone look without the cost and installation fees required for installation of natural stone.
  • Easy installation with a pattern to reduce cuts.
  • Natural colour vatiations within the stone, all tints are within the mix and throughout the body.
  • All colours UV resistant.
  • Available in 1″ veneer stone for easy application and adaptable to areas where standard masonry cannot be applied.
  • Custom colours are available to match mouldings of completed projects.

Care Recommendations:

  • No special care is needed once stone is installed.
  • Do not wash the stone with a pressure machine.
  • Do not use sodium chloride.
  • Before carrying out any washing procedures if needed (products & techniques) please inquire to ensure that the product conforms and does not cause irreversible damage to the concrete surface.


When choosing concrete, it’s important to know its untameable organic nature. Each piece is unique and bears imprints of every step of its creation. For that reason we easily fall in love with its imperfections which makes it look perfect. If you are looking to buy concrete, the reason is simple. You are looking for a product with lots of character. That character is obtained with its light colour variations of veins and air holes. Concrete is loved because of those features, which without them would not stand as it does.

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