2 Apr 2019

Balux Indoor Concrete Technical Features

Balux Indoor Concrete is an ultra high performance surface with an exclusive compound mixture unique to the world of concrete.

Technical Features include:

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain & liquid resistant
  • Non-porous (with special sealer)
  • Engravable / impressionable
  • Repolishable

The BALUX Matrix  is made of an ultra-high performance concrete. The micro fibers, as well as the various components of the mixture, provide a high density concrete with maximum flexibility. The sealer used keeps the natural appearance of the concrete while not allowing liquids to penetrate and is stain-resistant.

  • Use of high performance concrete which is flexible and lighter than standard concrete and resistant to cracking
  • Colour is added within the mix, which gives a uniform look and doesn’t need any topical additives.
  • With it’s unique mix, Balux Concrete reaches a strength of 120 mpa for interior products
  • Surface is pre-sealed in factory with 4 layers of sealer, 3 layers penetrate the concrete and 1 topical layer to prevent stains and liquid absorption.
  • Balux offers a 5 year guarantee. Certain restrictions may apply.


When choosing concrete, it’s important to know its untameable organic nature. Each piece is unique and bears imprints of every step of its creation. For that reason we easily fall in love with its imperfections which makes it look perfect. If you are looking to buy concrete, the reason is simple. You are looking for a product with lots of character. That character is obtained with its light colour variations of veins and air holes. Concrete is loved because of those features, which without them would not stand as it does.

BALUX Concrete Highlights

Heat resistant / Does not crack due to ultra high performance concrete (flexible) / Simple care, can be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water / Won’t change color with time, resistant to prolonged exposure to UV / Can be used for interior and exterior projects / Stain and liquid resistant / Durable; can be repolished like new if needed / Non porous due to polishing and sealer used / Shock resistant / Green alternative / Possibility to engrave patterns and make insertions (ex: wood) / Each piece is unique with it’s own organic subtle color variations / Harmonizes well with all styles of bathrooms and kitchens / Offered in many colors (custom colors upon request available)

↓ Download Balux features & highlights PDF