15 Sep 2020

Balux Countertops: Info, Care and Maintenance

  • Our concrete countertops are previously sealed in our workshop, and finish the curing process once installed.
  • We use a penetrating and topical sealer to obtain a maximum stain protection, however, small scratches can appear with use on the topical layer. This creates with time a natural patina and becomes uniform.
  • The beauty of concrete is due to it’s imperfections, light color variations, veins air bubbles which is not considered a defect in the product, to the contrary gives it it’s character and uniqueness.
  • No objects should be left permanently on the counter that could entrap water underneath this could affect the topical layer of the sealer.
  • The countertops are resistant to heat up to 400F but it’s always advised to protects the countertop from very hot objects, and also take the proper measures to prevent boiling oils or liquids from splashing while cooking.


  • Avoid leaving wet objects on counters for extended periods. The sealer has to breathe and moisture could penetrate the topical layer of the sealer.
  • Always make sure water does not stay trapped underneath flower pots, or soap dispenser.
  • Even if concrete is resistant to heat it’s better to place something under hot pots and hot plates.
  • Avoid steel wool to clean, it may cause scratches on the sealer.
  • Avoid using knives directly on the counter, it could reduce the durability of the sealer.


  • The counters can be washed with soap and water.
  • Dry thoroughly after washing.
  • A magic eraser can be used lightly to remove most stubborn stains. To restore gloss and hide as needed scratches, beeswax can be applied.

Terms of Sale

  • Balux Inc. products are guaranteed for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase , as regards of manufacturing defects, and does not cover the sealer applied to the countertops or products. This warranty does not cover breakage during installation and natural erosion caused by acid rain (if installed outside) . The warranty is limited to repair , replacement or refund for defective products at our discretion, excluding installation and transportation of pieces replaced.
  • Sometimes there is color variations , veining , micro cracks, holes or minor stains in our products. This is an uncontrollable natural phenomenon and it can not be considered a defect and does not diminish the quality of products . Some variations can be caused by low temperatures , adjuvants or other natural impurities that can be found within the concrete mix.
  • If some products are broken or defective following shipping, complaints must be made before installing them. If damage is caused by poor packaging by our part, we will replace or repair the broken pieces at our discretion.
  • All pieces produced and included in the initial submission can not be returned and / or refunded In the case of adding pieces that are not on the initial submission , they will be added to the final invoice .

    Thanks for your trust,
    BALUX inc. x Marble Trend Ltd.