4 Aug 2021

BALUX Concrete: A Sustainable Choice.

Balux is a Canadian company offering high quality custom concrete products that meet the highest standards. We are proud to offer products that are fabricated with natural materials. The sand and aggregates are the main materials used in our fabrication process. Also our fabrication methods are always keeping in mind to have a minimal use of in energy. Also, for our raw materials we work with suppliers that are the closest to us to limit the ecological footprint that transport can cause. We can’t also forget that our concrete is a durable product. They have an infinite life, since they can be re polished to look like new, our can also be crushed into small pieces and reused to make new products. We are also very careful not to waste fresh concrete by using our leftovers into small items instead of simply throwing it away.

  • Using natural material found in abundance in nature which does not create an environmental imbalance.
  • Low energy consumption in fabrication.
  • Low ecological footprint.
  • Durable and transformable products.
  • Minimal waste.