15 Sep 2020

Balux Cement Tiles: Info, Care and Maintenance

Product Description:

  • Hand made moulded WET CAST tiles with 4650 psi concrete.
  • Pre sealed in our factory.
  • Trough body color, not just a top layer.
  • All tints used are within the concrete mix and UV resistant.


  • 48″ x 48″ x 5/8″
  • 48″ x 24″ x 5/8″
  • since this is a handmade product, variations in thickness, in size and color may occur and are not considered deficiencies.

Abrasiveness scratch resistance, porosity, coefficient of friction:

    • To be referred to topical sealer data sheet PERMACRETE AQUA-PEL WATER RESISTANT

Compressive resistance:

  • Compressive resistance after 28 day cure 4650 PSI

Acid Resistance

  • Cement tiles are not resistant to acid, and any acid could damage the sealer and the cement underneath

Setting, Gouting, Sealing

  • Flexible adhesive is recommended for areas subject to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Flexible adhesive is recommended for outdoor grouting
  • The surface where the tiles will be set must be levelled, dry, clean and free of dust and oil
  • The adhesive must cover the entire tiles to prevent any cracking in the concrete
  • The grout (if applied)must be cleaned with just water and a sponge once it starts drying, letting the grout dry on the ties may cause damage to the surface.

Use in wet areas:

  • When installed in areas where water will be frequently present, proper sloping should be done during installation to provide proper water evacuation, and to prevent the water to stay for long period of time on the tiles without drying properly.


✦ Avoid using any abrasive tools or brushes to clean
tiles, as it may cause
scratches and premature
damage to the sealer.
✦ Proper backing is necessary
during installation to
provide proper support to
the tiles and prevent any
✦ Proper sloping is necessary
to prevent any water
accumulation on the tiles,
and to allow proper water
evacuation .