Smeraldo Quartzite

Smeraldo Quartzite is an almost aquamarine colour slab with beautiful, eye catching vibes.

Oceano Quartzite

Oceano Quartzite is rich with beautiful light blue tones embellished with darker blue and golden veins.

Maya Quartzite

Maya Quartzite features hues of grey and very light blue with wavy beige veining throughout.

Illusion Blue Quartzite

Illusion Blue Quartzite is a dramatic material that features sky blue tones with smokey swirls of yellow, gold and brown.

Giotto Quartzite

Very thin and delicate veins of silver and grey run through the tranquil white background.

Enigma Quartzite

Enigma Quartzite demonstrates the beauty between dark and light through pulling icy white veins through across a smoky, deep charcoal... View Article

Dunes Quartzite

Dunes Quartzite is set on a taupe background with darker beige veining throughout.

Aqua Quartzite

Aqua Quartzite has a light green colour that is consistent across the surface with sporadic breaks of veining across.