Canada Goose, Banff

Canada Goose “Ice Desk” at Cascade Shops, Banff supplied by Marble Trend using raw white Canadian marble, hand selected directly... View Article

Ultraflex LFT

Ultraflex LFT is a premium, nonsag medium-bed and thin-set mortar for large-format and heavy tile and stone for interior/exterior floor,... View Article

Kerabond T

Premium Medium-Bed and Thin-Set Tile Mortar Kerabond T is a premium-grade, nonsag, nonslump mortar for use in thin-set and medium-bed... View Article


Premium Latex Additive Keralastic is a premium-grade, high-performance, second-generation “flexible” acrylic latex additive used in the Kerabond/Keralastic™ and Kerabond T... View Article

Keracolour U

Keracolor U (Unsanded) Grout is a premium-grade, preblended, polymermodified unsanded Portland-cement tile grout that requires only the addition of water for... View Article

Keracolour S

Keracolor S (sanded) Grout is a premium-grade, preblended, polymer-modified sanded Portland-cement tile grout that requires only the addition of water... View Article

Ebano Orobico

Ebano Orobico is a prestigious dark Italian marble with an intense and vivid mixture of dark grey and black, with... View Article

Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro is a black marble from Italy. The beauty is evident in the deep rich colours of the black and... View Article

White Cherokee

This marble comes from an extensive quarry that has been operated for more than a century. Stylish White Cherokee is one of the most homogenous marbles, and is... View Article