Lithos Barcode Uno

Deep incisions for a minimalist style of rainscreen facade which relies heavily on its chiaroscuro effects, creating a fascinating interplay... View Article

Lithos Kapla

Textures in motion for kapla, a model of feature tiles that adorns walls with accurately selected materials and innovative decorations.... View Article

Lithos Polis

A strong textured chiaroscuro effect and a carefully thought-out combination of shades for polis, a model of stone feature tiles... View Article

Lithos Eco

Like an infinite sound wave propagating in the surrounding air, these textured tiles reverberate in the setting with their decorative... View Article

Lithos Grano

A celebration of soft curved lines, the pattern of these 3-D stone tiles recalls organic, natural shapes, bringing to the... View Article

Lithos Compasso

Like the circumferences drawn by an imaginary compass, the figure of the circle becomes the pattern of these carved stone... View Article

Lithos Volta

Textured cantilever vaults design games of perception and light, creating geometric shapes that can be aggregated and split up at... View Article

Lithos Palladio

A tribute to Palladio’s genius, a prestigious line of claddings which merges echoes of the past with contemporary motifs. The result... View Article

Lithos Vena

An interior design covering consisting of irregular horizontal incisions on the stone surface, aimed to explore the expressive potential of... View Article

Lithos Scorcio

Extraordinary optical effects, equilibriums of shapes and volumes with a very high technological definition. These stone wall panels stand out... View Article

Lithos Risma

Vibrant, scenic interior design coverings whose surface, processed with masterly skill, plays with infinite colour nuances creating enchanting atmospheres.

Lithos Tartan

An interior design covering whose complex warp, developed on different layers of depth and intersections, endows the material with colours,... View Article

Lithos Palma

Powerful in its aesthetic rendering, perfect in its noble simplicity. Palma is a design for carved stone tiles that expresses... View Article

Lithos Diamante

A collection of carved stone tiles and modular panels with the ability to design space and make it unique. The very... View Article

Lithos Sahara

LITHOS Sahara is a marble wall covering evoking the shapes of rocks engraved and modeled by hot desert winds. The... View Article

Lithos Tratto

Rough horizontal lines following one another on stone. A contemporary aesthetic code for 3d stone tiles strongly emphasizing matter and... View Article

Lithos Quadro

Carved stone tiles whose character consists in surprising chiaroscuro effects, aesthetic compositions based on the multiplication of the square geometry,... View Article

Lithos Prisma

Optical effects and light games are the distinctive features of these carved tiles made of natural stone. This particular texture... View Article

Lithos Giza

Essential style and a refined pattern for these 3d stone tiles, characterized by a series of small three-dimensional basins recalling... View Article

Lithos Gemma

LITHOS Gemma is a refined modular stone covering inspired to the diamond cut shape. The repetitiveness of this form engraved... View Article

Lithos Fondo

Aquatic suggestions, like the pattern produced by the continuous flowing of the waves on the sand sea-bottoms, become the inspiration... View Article

Lithos Favo

The honeycomb motif becomes a source of inspiration for these remarkable 3d stone tiles. The pattern impressed in stone is... View Article