PG Scored 5+5

Scored Soft scored, with additional brushing; Rock scored, rock effect on a scored surface. Available on stone, marble, granite and... View Article

PG Rigato H20

On a sandblasted surface powerful jets of water draw straight or crossed lines.

PG Rigato Light

A network of lines engraved with a laser give elegance to monochromatic materials. Available in standard lines perpendicular to the... View Article

PG Wood

A processing technique that recalls the grain of brushed wood.

PG Tranche

Inspired by a wood finish with a crossed processing effect.

PG Rockfinish

Split-like finish and natural rock reproducible on marble slabs giving a softened effect by brushing the surface without loosing three-dimensionality.

PG Juta

A brushed fabric effect obtained on the stone’s surface, giving a soft yet innovative look.

PG Corteccia

Natural effect carved on stones and granites that recalls nature in its most rustic and wild form.