MLG Make Make Quadrix

Make Make Quadrix finish features raised, diamond like surface detailing creating an edgy detail that catches in the light.

MLG Coccodrillo

Coccodrillo Finish is one of the most valuable and elegant works. The animalier texture, which began its success on Dior’s... View Article

MLG Quadrix

Quadrix XS and Quadrix XL are not the result of a randomness but of a personal search lasting years. What... View Article

MLG Plutone

Plutone Finish is characterized by perpendicular lines that create a refined texture inspired by furnishing fabrics. An original solution to... View Article

MLG Make Make

On an October afternoon, watching the rain slip from the half-closed window shutters, the idea of ​​being able to create... View Article

MLG Grollato

The Grollato Finish is loved by many for its characteristics, it is in fact widely used for indoor, outdoor and... View Article

MLG Mercurio

MLG Mercurio Finish is born of simplicity. It is the result of careful retail research. It creates the right balance... View Article

MLG Marte

Marte, Marte XS, and Marte XL Finishes are geometry. Straight lines, parallel and of equal thickness cover the surface. The... View Article

MLG Venere

Venere Finish is excellent for creating movement in a simple and static space. The soft and sinuous lines that cover... View Article

MLG Eris

Eris Finish is a texture with a sophisticated design. The deliberately refined cuts to obtain an ‘equal but different’ slat... View Article

MLG Papyro

MLG Papyro Finish comes from the idea of ​​giving the environment a greater depth, thus enhancing every space. From wall... View Article