Balux Ovo

Due to concrete’s untameable organic nature, each Balux piece is subject to slight color variation, veins and air holes.

Balux Talca

The Balux TALCA vanity, made of high performance concrete, is made with a rectangular basin incorporated with a floating thin... View Article

Balux Loft

Balux LOFT concrete vanity offers a unique form. It consists of a one-sided slope as well as a practical counter space.... View Article

Balux Bali

Balux BALI is made of a rounded basin of high performance concrete. This type of vanity fits with all styles of bathrooms.... View Article

Balux Latus

The Balux LATUS vanity, made of high performance concrete, is distinguished by its pentagonal shape. This model is designed for... View Article

Balux Flo

The Balux FLO vanity, made of high performance concrete, is composed of a sloped sink for a unique look. Small stones... View Article