Marinace Black – SAMPLE

Marinace Black is a beautiful granite that features a multitude of neutral coloured rocks embedded on a stark black surface.

Lemurian Blue – SAMPLE

Lemurian Blue Granite features deposits of semiprecious labradorite creating an iridescence that virtually illuminates the slab.

Azul Noche – SAMPLE

Azul Noche is a kind of dark blue granite, especially good for exterior or interior wall and floor applications

Jay White – SAMPLE

This clear and homogeneous granite can be easily controlled and can even become ultra white in a thermal finish. Often used in architectural projects such... View Article

Gardenia White – SAMPLE

Gardenia White granite is a stone of choice in the world market. Its beautiful white background with black veining makes any project stand out. It is also available in... View Article

Barre Grey – SAMPLE

Recognized around the world as the finest quality gray granite available, Barre Gray is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish. Its unique proportions of quartz and feldspar make it unusually... View Article

Salisbury Pink – SAMPLE

Salisbury Pink granite has grown to be the stone of choice for many projects throughout the world. Available in unlimited quantities, its unique pink shading and fine... View Article