Bianco Perla Granite

Bianco Perla Granite is a material that is beautifully composed of scattered blacks, greys and whites.


It is an igneous stone or volcanic glass , similar to the granite. Pure obsidian usually appears dark, although the... View Article

ARIEL Terrazzo

ARIEL Terrazzo is a unique terrazzo tile that delivers both strength and durability by using one of the oldest and... View Article

Marinace Black

Marinace Black is a beautiful granite that features a multitude of neutral coloured rocks embedded on a stark black surface.

Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue Granite features deposits of semiprecious labradorite creating an iridescence that virtually illuminates the slab.

Baobab Blue

Baobab Blue is a granite that features rich shades of blue, green, black and turquoise.

Atlantic Grey

Atlantic Grey is a blue-grey quartzite with soft and elegant variations throughout the slab for a unique but consistent design.