Bianco Perla Granite

Bianco Perla Granite is a material that is beautifully composed of scattered blacks, greys and whites.


Sandalus slabs feature a rustic structure that replicates the sort of fraying after a tree is cut. Beautiful earth yellow... View Article

Red Dragon

Red Dragon is a stark red granite with medium grains of grays and reds embedded deep in the slab.

Marinace Black

Marinace Black is a beautiful granite that features a multitude of neutral coloured rocks embedded on a stark black surface.

Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue Granite features deposits of semiprecious labradorite creating an iridescence that virtually illuminates the slab.

Fusion Blue

Fusion Blue granite is a dramatic, durable slab with bluish greys mixed with cream and rust inclusions.

Fusion Wow

Fusion Wow quartzite comes in a variety of colourways, but always features a vibrant colourful mix.

Black Cygnus

Black Cygnus is a rich black granite with specks of white embedded in the surface.