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Canadian Mahogany

Known for its beautiful earth tones, this medium-grained rich brown granite is a much sought after mahogany choice.


This large-grained granite is medium to light brown in color with a black matrix. Shepody makes an excellent building, tile... View Article

Arctic Grey

Medium grained, windswept light-coloured grey/white granite

Laurentian Rose

This exceptional granite has been carefully selected for its outstanding natural deep rose colour and quality. The fine grain size of the Laurentian Rose allows it to be delicately carved... View Article

Saint Henry Black

This granite is also known as Taillon, Péribonka and Canadian Black. Metallic crystals assemble to create a contemporary work of art on a... View Article


Mississquoi is produced in small quantities and is often viewed as a heritage stone: it is usually used in historical... View Article

Cambrian Black

Cambrian Black granite offers a rich dark colour with some flecks of silver. An elegant addition to any decor.

Wallace Creek

Wallace Creek is a Canadian black limestone. Gorgeously veined, it is treated as a marble and is recommended for indoor... View Article

Stone Brown

Horizontal veins featured in a rich chocolate brown limestone.

Saint Pierre

Saint Pierre Vein Cut is a chocolate brown limestone make a striking design statement. Recommended for indoor applications, St. Pierre evolves... View Article

Atlantic Black

Atlantic Black is a consistent black granite that features light grey speckles consistently throughout.

Ash Rose

Ash Rose is a brown-pink granite quarried in Canada.

Autumn Brown

Rich and decadent brown granite with dark shades of brown and charcoal shades that settle into the background creating a... View Article

Canadian Red

This purplish-red granite is like no other on the market. It is used for monuments and construction projects. Canadian Red keeps its distinctive color through... View Article


Caledonia is a granite from Quebec and a Canadian emblem. It is known for its color consistency, making it a good choice of granite for multistep projects. Often... View Article

Canadian Violet

A Canadian granite that is famed across North America, Canadian Violetta is known to be an excellent construction material: its pink hues feature in many architectural projects.

Crystal Gold

Crystal Gold granite is a superb, large-grained granite with a definite gold color.

Kodiak Brown

This granite is a treasure from the Canadian mountains. Often compared to Antique Brown, it’s the ideal granite for countertops. Its deep brown and black hues lend warmth to any design.

Nordic Black

The tight metallic grain and large crystals of this granite make it the perfect choice for indoor applications such as countertops. Once polished, its thin white veins steal... View Article

Newton Brown

This granite stands out from all others with its unique coarse brown grain: the richest color on the market.

Pine Green

Pine Green is a large-grained granite that is a light pastel color which appears substantially darker when used indoors.


This neutral granite’s complexity, resistance and coarse mineral structure make it the choice of architects around the world for huge projects calling for consistency... View Article

St. Sebastian

Widely used for the construction of steps for churches and other important buildings, this granite is a heritage material in Quebec. Its grains are small and uniform... View Article

Titanium Pearl

Titanium Pearl is a tight-grained granite that features blue-gray hues with the look of concrete.

Vermillon Pink

This fine-grained deep pink granite is popular for its versatile and fashionable qualities.


Strong and multipurpose, this tight-grained pink granite suits indoor and outdoor applications.


Eramosa features a matte, granular surface in earth-toned hues and is gorgeous both indoors and out. Available in Cross Cut and... View Article


Strikingly rich in colors that can only come from the harsh Canadian climate, the Cascapedia stone is a breccia-type marble that can be found in the castles and aristocratic... View Article


Senesun granite’s inherent warmth adds a sophisticated element to the area in which it is installed. Its natural characteristics and... View Article

Stanstead Grey

Stanstead Grey is a light to medium grey granite, with a medium and coarse grain. This granite is highly consistent in color.

Cambrian Black Slabs

Cambrian Black offers a rich dark colour with some flecks of silver. An elegant addition to any decor.