Lithos Barcode Uno

Deep incisions for a minimalist style of rainscreen facade which relies heavily on its chiaroscuro effects, creating a fascinating interplay... View Article

Lithos Kapla

Textures in motion for kapla, a model of feature tiles that adorns walls with accurately selected materials and innovative decorations.... View Article

Lithos Polis

A strong textured chiaroscuro effect and a carefully thought-out combination of shades for polis, a model of stone feature tiles... View Article

Lithos Eco

Like an infinite sound wave propagating in the surrounding air, these textured tiles reverberate in the setting with their decorative... View Article

Lithos Fibra

Designer stone panels recalling wicker, with its irregular fibers patiently interwoven by the skillful hands of craftsmen. The pattern of... View Article

Lithos Dune

A series of incisions that start deeply and get lighter and vice versa, creating a strong chiaroscuro contrast that draws... View Article

Lithos Pagoda

Designer stone panels evoking the curved shapes of the roofs of Japanese pagodas, the distinctive series of overlapping floors that... View Article

Lithos Khadi

The warp of khadi, the typical Indian handmade cotton fabric, is strongly evoked in these designer stone tiles, where the... View Article