An even and uniform, off-white, buff toned limestone offering a clean, contemporary aesthetic. Light veins and occasional shell inclusions weave... View Article

Jay White

This clear and homogeneous granite can be easily controlled and can even become ultra white in a thermal finish. Often used in architectural projects such... View Article

Gardenia White

Gardenia White granite is a stone of choice in the world market. Its beautiful white background with black veining makes any project stand out. It is also available in... View Article

American Mist

This beautiful black granite with pronounced white veining is being utilized for building projects when quality and durability are a must.

Barre Grey

Recognized around the world as the finest quality gray granite available, Barre Gray is the ultimate long-lasting choice in any finish. Its unique proportions of quartz and feldspar make it unusually... View Article

Salisbury Pink

Salisbury Pink granite has grown to be the stone of choice for many projects throughout the world. Available in unlimited quantities, its unique pink shading and fine... View Article

American Black

This beautiful black granite with pronounced white veining has marble-like quality in its vein pattern, with the durability of granite.

Woodbury Grey

Woodbury Gray granite is quarried in Woodbury, Vermont. This is a salt and pepper, light grey granite, with a medium tight grain and a consistent colour.

White Georgia

Renowned for many generations, this classic, brilliant white marble has gone into the building of historical American landmarks.

Saint Clair

Saint Clair is a grey-beige American limestone treated as a marble, and can therefore be used in architectural and patrimonial... View Article


Alberene is a unique, rustic  and industrial style soapstone featuring unusual thermal properties, closely-packed structure and homogeneity -perfect for large... View Article

Dakota Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany is a blue and brown granite that is completely uniform in color and texture. Its deep consistent grain gives... View Article

Bethel White

Bethel White displays a flawless, even grain and purity of color that truly makes it the most-prized in the world. It is the “gold standard” that all other white granites must... View Article

Pearl Grey Marble

Pearl Grey features soft and subtle veining offering a “painted desert” effect. The thin, closely-packed and homogeneous grain structure of... View Article