23 May 2014

5 Reasons to choose White Marble

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Author: Alessandro Perinato —Kreoo
Date: 23 May 2014

White marble is one of the most sought after looks in interior design, specifically when creating spaces with a subtle but impressive flair. Marble in general is very strong, so it’s less likely to chip or dent. White marble in particular, with its light color mixed with the gray veining, disguises etching much better than darker tones.

So why do so many people have an overwhelming fear of using it in their homes?

Over the years, red wine horror stories have circulated, giving this incredible stone a reputation for being “High Maintenance”. And yes, to a certain extent, that’s true. Being a natural stone, marble needs a little extra care and precaution. Without it, the surface can become stained or etched.

In most cases these problems are barely noticeable, and no match for the essence the stone brings to a space. Fortunately, with a little effort and planning you can keep the gorgeous, clean look of this stone and safe guard it for years to come!

So here they are 5 reasons you shouldn’t be afraid of white marble.


1. Your expectations guarantee your results.

Here’s a little psychology tip that applies to pretty much everything in life. Your success in any endeavor hinges on your expectations going in.

The Stone Source tells us: “When a person expects to see the inherent characteristics of natural stone become more apparent over time, they are generally happy with white marble.”

If you can embrace the natural beauty of imperfection, the authenticity of a well-worn home, chances are you’re going to fall in love with white marble, and any extra effort will be well worth it for the story your kitchen tells.

2. The finish changes everything!

Traditionally, kitchen marble has come in a sleek “polished” finish. But recently, a stylistic shift has taken place; bringing the inviting “honed” finish into wider acceptance.

Both finishes have certain advantages with some of marble’s typical detractors. So when deciding on your finish, it’s smart to think about what imperfections you’d rather live with.

Polished marble is fairly stain resistant, but any etches in the shiny surface become more noticeable. Many people though seek out the character this brings to a space. Honed marble isn’t as “pristine” as polished, but its subtle texture disguises etching much more easily.


3. A little common sense goes a long way.

Most damage to marble counters is incredibly preventable with just a little bit of awareness! If something spills on your marble, wipe it up immediately. Oil, wine, acids like lemon or even marinara sauce are common culprits.

Most people are very conscientious about this, but the real danger is in a dribble that goes unnoticed. However, this is an easy fix! We recommend simply moving dishes into the sink and off your marble before you leave the room for the evening. This will help you spot any errant drops and allow you to wipe them up before they stain.

4. Prevention is more effective than ever before!

Sealing your marble is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your stone’s longevity. It takes the naturally porous material and puts a barrier between it and any dangerous substances.

Ideally, you should seal your commonly used counters 3-4 times per year. Happily, the sealants available today have vastly improved, providing you with even better protection!


5. Natural works.

At Kreoo, we’re strong proponents of natural stone, and consequently natural cleaners. In a recent article, Remodelista tells us the rule of thumb for cleaning natural stone: “Never use anything you wouldn’t use on your hands.” We couldn’t agree more.

The harsh chemicals of traditional cleaners can actually do your marble more harm than good! Water-based products with a neutral PH balance are highly effective at cleaning your stone while respecting its molecular structure.

We’ve been in the high-end marble business for over 50 years, and through that experience, we’ve partnered with FILA. They have some of the finest marble protection and marble cleaners we’ve worked with.


So in conclusion, white marble is a decadent choice for any kitchen. Like anything, there are disadvantages, but for a design that calls for elegance and natural appeal, the pros far outweigh the cons.

To find the perfect marble accent for your space, check out the marble vessel sinks, seating and custom flooring options at Kreoo.com. You can also contact us to create a personalized statement-piece for your home or commercial space.