22 Aug 2016

5 jaw-dropping interior combinations

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Author:  Kelsey Kamentz —Kreoo
Date: 22 August 2016

Marble and More! 5 Material combinations for jaw-dropping interiors.

We love marble. Sometimes though, contrast is what makes beautiful pieces really stand out. That’s definitely the case in the following list of crazy gorgeous spaces. Each one incorporates marble without doing the whole “floor to ceiling” thing. Contrast is key to creating that texture we’ve been raving about all year. These next few interiors really prove the point. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite material combinations for interior design that are sure to stir up your inspiration.

Marble and Wood

Wood, whether natural or look-alikes, is so fundamental in interior design, it’s almost cheating to put it on the list. But these spaces really use the natural tones and essence of wood to highlight the organic beauty of marble.


This Wyoming kitchen gets bonus points for the extra pop of color!

Ninth Avenue Duplex

We love how the vertical grain of this vanity offsets the chunky marble tiles!

Marble and Brick

Industrial/Historic takes on a sophisticated edge when you pair something as gritty as brick with the clean, sleek look of marble.
Shoreditch Warehouse
Bold windows and doors in a whitewashed brick wall are the focal point here, but the subtle marble counter really gives this kitchen a refined atmosphere.

With a slightly darker brick and wood beams, white marble keeps the space light and airy.

Chicago Kitchen

Seriously, why would you ever just have ‘cabinets’ when you could have these completely gorgeous sliding panes?

Marble & Glass

Artisans have been creating beautiful works in glass for literally centuries. But when the inherent texture, degree of translucence and even shapes are used to compliment the opposite opaque beauty of marble, that’s when you get something really
Prospect Heights Townhouse
When your fireplace could literally be a priceless abstract painting, it’s best to keep the rest simple. This glass coffee table does just that and still manages to add it’s own quirky style to the mix.

The Fairlane House

Marble and Patterns

What could be more fun than pairing nature’s patterns with the ones straight out of your imagination? Marble takes on a whole new aspect next to these bold and whimsical wallpapers.
Fun and bold, a classic white marble gets to play with color here. And who could resist metallic polka dots?
Modern Contemporary - Triple Crown

Kreoo Nabhi Bowl no.1

If you look closely, you can see the definition of this 3D laquer wallpaper that is the perfect compliment to the marble sink. (Made by yours truly)

Award Winning Master Bath

There’s something about subtle gleam of marble that takes this master bath from sweet to enchanting.

Marble and Stone

Yes… we know marble is, in fact, a stone. But some spaces are meant for bold contrasts, while others come alive with subtle nuance.

…like this large scale slate tile floor next to the delicate, tilted tile of this shower.

Master Bathroom

Or why not take the comparison directly in the shower like this one? Marble’s delicate veining balances the feminine and masculine influences for one to-die-for bath.

In wrap up, marble in gorgeous on its own. But there’s something to be said for variety right?