26 Feb 2020

5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Designing a Remote Office in Your Tiny Home.

Today, more and more people are discovering the joys of downsizing. Living in a small space like a tiny house or a studio apartment is often cheaper, you’ll have less clutter, and you’ll spend less time cleaning. However, if you work from home, moving into a smaller living space also comes along with some challenges. Remote workers might wonder how to squeeze a home office into their limited space and make it feel natural. Here are a few design tips to help you create a healthy, relaxing workspace in your tiny home — no expensive decor required.

 Creative Spaces

When you don’t have much room for furniture, you might have to think outside the box when it comes to designing your home office. For example, you may not be able to designate a specific area as your office, but you could utilize a pull-out desk and shelves instead.

Desks and shelves that can be folded into the walls when they are not in use and pulled down when you need them are popular choices for people living in tiny homes. Sure, it’s not a traditional set-up, but when it’s folded up, the furniture will naturally blend in with your walls.

Choose the Right Flooring

As Homedit explains, you shouldn’t overlook your floors when designing a good home office. Even if you’re just carving out a small section of another room, the floor can effectively help set the tone for your workspace, making it much more inviting and, in turn, productive. Instead of carpeting, many people opt for engineered natural wood, which can truly make your home office shine. Marble Trend offers a number of different natural wood options, including American walnut and oak, to help turn your workspace into an area you want to visit each and every day.

Finding a Perfect Chair

If you want to design a healthy workspace, choose the right office chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours each day can contribute to chronic aches and pains.

The Human Solution recommends purchasing an ergonomic chair with adjustable heights, adequate seat depth, and a headrest. Head to your closest office supply store during a sale so that you can find the best possible deal, and try sitting in a few chairs before making a final decision. Be realistic about which chairs will fit in your office space! For a natural vibe, consider chairs in earthy tones made with soft, comfortable materials.

Smart Storage

 If you feel like you’ve got too many office supplies for your small space, it’s time to declutter. To properly store your belongings, utilize unused space underneath your furniture or consider installing floating shelves to take advantage of wall space. Want to keep a few things on your desk? Money suggests assigning everything its own place and keeping an eye out for “clutter creep” — your workspace might get messier as the week goes on, so take a few moments each day to clean up. Working at a cleaner desk will help you concentrate.

Natural Lighting

When you’re working from home, and you don’t have much room to move freely, you can feel a little bit cramped. How can you make your space feel brighter and more open? The secret is allowing more natural light in. This interior design strategy is totally free!

Consider setting up your office space near a window so that you can enjoy the sunshine, and keep your blinds up during the day. Remove any clutter from your windowsills so that you don’t have any objects blocking the light or your view. 

Green Thumb 

Want to spruce up your desk and office space? Go to your local farmer’s market or gardening center and purchase some house plants! It will only cost a few dollars, and it can make a big difference in your workday mood. According to Hoppier, having plants in your office can actually reduce work-related stress and help you relax during your workday. You might want to go with plants that are very low-maintenance and easy to take care of, like succulents.

As a remote worker, you might worry that having limited home office space could also limit your productivity. But working from home gives you the opportunity to set up a small home office with a natural aesthetic and features that boost your overall health. If you learn how to make the most of every inch, you might be surprised at how large and spacious your home office will feel!

Article by: Natalie Jones, Homeowner Bliss