25 Nov 2015

4 things Kreoo is thankful for

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Author: Kelsey Kamentz —Kreoo
Date: 25 November 2015


4 things we’re thankful for at Kreoo

Thanksgiving is a time of joy and reflection.  That’s no different in the design industry.  Here are four things the team at Kreoo is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

#1 Nature

Pave Stone marble seating by Kreoo

Pave Stone marble seating by Kreoo

The beauty of nature is our chief inspiration for every Kreoo design. The lines and curves of a river rock, the delicate arc of a water lily’s petals, we believe that organic nuance is the most important factor of even the most modern designs.

#2 Technology

marble technological innovation - Kreoo

Technological innovations in the marble industry have opened up infinite design possibilities.  We’re proud to hold to the principles of Italian design as our physical capabilities increase.  We can’t wait to see the future of great design and how it unfolds in the modern era!

History of marble design

#3 History

Our heritage is our driving force.  Every design we create, every dream we ponder is born out of our history.  Italy’s pursuit of excellence and beauty inspires us to continue creating, pushing toward the next great marble masterpiece.