4 Oct 2014

2014: Neolith Gastronomic Guide

Quique Dacosta restaurant, owned by Spanish Chef Quique Dacosta, boasts three Michelin Stars.

Chef Dacosta collaborated with TheSize and wrote the Preface of the “Neolith Gastronomic Guide: Young Mediterranean Authors One”, highlighting important values such as dedication, perseverance and hard work within this sector.

TheSize, manufacturer of Neolith, had the opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of Mediterranean cuisine throughout the various production sessions that were held at Cap de l’Aljub, when developing “Neolith Gastronomic Guide 2014”.

This Gastronomic Guide was created with two main objectives: On one hand, to support and promote the young and future talents of Mediterranean cuisine, invest in the “Spain” brand, a synonym of quality and assurance when it comes to gastronomy and architecture, and to market those products in overseas countries.

On the other hand, to inspire the future owners of Neolith worktops to be innovative and creative in their new kitchens; encouraging them to delight their guests with succulent and appealing recipes, and to surprise them with the design and strength of a Neolith worktop.