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About Us


Marble Trend was founded in 1984. The goal at that time was to develop a company that could bring to the North American market the world's best stone products. Stone has been used for thousands of years and we quickly realized that all stones are not created equal and there were very few high quality stones available in North America to decorate, design, and build with. People demanded high quality raw materials without paying exorbitant prices and to achieve this Marble Trend started to search the world over. It took many years of traveling to over 20 countries and all 5 continents until we learned that you need to go right to the quarry and choose the actual blocks to achieve the quality that our customers demanded.
Marble Trend Team
Marble Trend has very highly motivated and experience personal that can assist you in every aspect of your decision when choosing the right stone for your project. We have supplied all types of stones for some of Canada's and the United State's most exquisite developments.

Marble Trend will educate you so that you can make better decisions when unsure of what type of stone or finish best suits a particular design or project. We will open your eyes to the best that the world has to offer without having to spend more than you need to. We will show you why marble, limestone, granite and many other natural stone products are the best building materials on earth and have been used in construction for thousands of years and many ancient buildings still stand today as beautiful and grand as ever.

Stone evokes a feeling like no other and we know how intimidating it can be trying to choose the right one so we at Marble Trend make it our goal to bring you all of our experience and knowledge learned over the years and pair that up with our exceptionally high quality stone products to create masterpieces like those of centuries ago. Whether it is a traditional, contemporary, or modern design we will help you choose a stone that will definitely fit your needs.

Come and visit us and we will show you how to learn, live and love stone!